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How A Life Coach Could Help You Achieve Your Potential

We all feel lost and unmotivated at some point in our lives. Life coaches aren’t some elusive, omnipotent beings that have the ultimate knowledge. We are therapists that listen intently to your current situation and help you conceptualise how you could become more satisfied with your life.

There are many ways that I can work with people, and it’s all on an individualistic basis. Some people literally have one thing in mind, they want to stop smoking or stop a certain behaviour. Others are have become lost in a life absent of any long-term aims or goals, simply seeking new purpose and meaning in their lives.

A life coach should work on an individualistic basis. Everyone requires a different approach, and I have worked with people to assist them in solving a wide range of problems including overcoming depression and anxiety, battling addiction to boosting their confidence for sports and performance therapy.

There are some fundamental ways that I help all of them in very similar ways, which I wanted to share with you today.

Redefining your life purpose
What are you working towards? What are your long-term goals? What is your life purpose?
As you introduce yourself, we slowly start to discuss your life purpose. We go beyond listening to just the content of what you are saying, but what you actually want to convey.

We discuss core issues of your life that you want to change and areas of growth. We discuss deep areas of your life, touching on your life meaning, your personal growth and development. We discuss personal issues that bring you outside of your comfort zone.

This helps redefine and reinforce your purpose and keeps you motivated to work towards your goal.

Develop a clear vision
What do you want? Where do you want to go? Where do you see yourself in ten years? As a life coach, it’s my job to bring together a vision for the future you are looking to build.

Challenging your limitations and thought patterns by asking the right questions to evoke new levels of thinking, bringing to your attention different perspectives (the bigger picture) and allowing you to conceptualise your future, with a vision that is realistic, attainable and worth the sacrifice.

Developing a clear vision for your future is vital to anyone who is looking for the ability to take control of their life, their surroundings and provide the best for themselves and their loved ones.

Recognising your unconscious motives
Why is it you do what you do? What are the motives behind your behaviour? Have you got hidden intentions?
The simple answer is that it’s the habits you’ve instilled into your daily routine through repetitive action over long periods of time.

The absolute truth is that, we only have theories and concepts of how the mind works, and there are many different perceptions of your motives.

Working with a specialist who has studied those theories, from psychological theories from Carl Rogers, Carl Yung, Sigmund Freud, to Erikson hypnotherapy and personal development training from the great works in that field over the last hundred years, it can only be of advantage, right?

This helps develop a more thorough understanding of your motives, and even better than that analyse the underlying reasons of your behaviour and work together to change your thought patterns and ultimate behaviour and consequence.

Positive outsider influence
We are truly institutionalised throughout our lives. A necessary evil, school and later the workplace becomes our grounds of conformity and obedience. This becomes our social contract, we slowly become integrated into society, inevitably robbing us of our individuality whilst simultaneously giving us access to an infinite amount of possibilities in an extremely well-functioning societal construct we have in the Western world.

It has many advantages, access to education and having a clear structure within society allows us to function with minimal amounts of stress and anxiety. There is another side to the coin. Could this somehow cause us to become reliant on someone (or something) holding us accountable (a parent, a teacher and later a manager or boss)?

An outside influence that is working in the interests of your growth and development, holding you accountable for your actions and ensuring you are working towards your goals? It can be priceless.

I’ve helped people battle addiction and build better lives for themselves.
I’ve helped people build to confidence to take on new challenges, such as public speaking or within their career.
I’ve helped people create a life they only dream of, step by step at a time.
Could I help you? Are you looking for someone to help you take the next step?

Someone who can push you to go further? Give me a call today for a free phone consultation on 07825599340


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