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Setting Goals: A Mindset To Success

The only way to set yourself up for success over the long-term? Clearly define your goals and ensure that working towards them becomes the focal point of your life.

As a life coach, it would make sense that I promote goal setting. But I don’t simply promote goal setting. I promote goal setting that provides you with a real purpose. Goals that are well thought through. Goals with meaning. What are you looking to achieve? Even better, why do you want to achieve those specific goals?

If your goals are going to motivate you, they’ll have to be goals that frighten you. Goals that bring you out of your comfort zone, just by thinking about them. Helping your motivation levels, giving you a purpose, providing you with responsibility and a reason to carry on when times get hard, goals are extremely important for our mental and spiritual health, and I wanted to share some tips on how you can remain focused on them and create for yourself a mindset that attracts success and growth.

Visualise your future

Working towards meaningful goals is always hard work. It is paramount you have a vision of your life that would justify the sacrifice involved in chasing your dreams.

Visualise your future. A month, a year, a decade. What does it look like? Set the scene. Where are you? What are you doing? Think over scenarios in your mind.

Build a picture of where you want to be, and don’t worry about why. You will sort that out as you start working towards the dream.

Write your goals daily

Keep motivated by getting your goals written down. If you are wanting to be completely committed, writing them daily have worked wonders for many of my clients.

There’s power to taking pen to paper. Writing your goals down will help motivate you to brainstorm ideas on how you can achieve those goals.

Develop a long-term plan

Having a goal without a plan is like having carriage without an horse. You won’t get far.
Set yourself up for long-term success with a thoroughly thought out plan on how you will achieve your goals.

Hold faith and handle the burden

Achieving your goal is going to mean taking on the responsibility to live the life that you once dreamed of.
For those who think success is about sitting in a chair and smoking cigars, they’re sadly mistaken. Highly successful people hold the responsibility of not only themselves but often the lives of many others, and this means that there are ripples of consequences with every decision they make.

Take on the responsibility and hold faith in yourself at every obstacle. Do what it takes to achieve your goal and positive influence the lives of others with your action.

Commit and take action daily

Set goals and targets for every day, and work towards them. Stretch yourself, but don’t make them too exhausting.
You’re better to do two hours per day than try to work or learn something new for ten hours straight. Our brains are hardwired for a long-term perspective, we need it to feel fulfilled. Whatever your goal is, commit to the long-term and work towards achieving the goal in increments.

Do you want to set yourself up for success? Let’s work together to set you the right goals and put a plan in place to change your life for the better. Give me a call on 07825599340.


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