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Sleep Problems and Sleeping Pills

Struggling getting to sleep… tossing and turning… waking up the next morning groggy, feeling like you didn’t get one ounce of sleep the night before ?

And while we’re at the doctor’s office the next day, we implore…
Doctor, is there something I can take?
The doctor says “Sure, let me help you with that.” And he quickly scribbles a prescription for sleep pills.

And that is when the downward cycle begins…

The most popular prescription sleeping pills contain the pharmaceutical drug, Zolpidem. While it certainly will knock you out, it comes with many potential side effects, including…

  • Unwelcome hallucinations…
  • Major problems with memory…
  • Mental confusion…
  • Excessive daytime tiredness (Just because you wake up doesn’t mean the drugs have left your system)…
  • Dangerous sleepwalking…

And that’s just the start!

According to “The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills” by Dr. Daniel F. Kripke:

“We have now published a new study of over 10,000 patients who took sleeping pills and over 20,000 matched patients who did not take sleeping pills.

“The patients who took sleeping pills DIED 4.6 times as often during follow-ups averaging 2.5 years. Patients who took higher doses (averaging over 132 pills per year) died 5.3 times as often.

“Even those patients who took fewer than 18 pills per year had very significantly elevated mortality, 3.6 times that of patients who took no sleeping pills.”

Dr. Kripke continues: “In addition, those who were using sleeping pills on a regular basis, were 35% more likely to develop a new CANCER.”

And if premature death and cancer aren’t enough to put you on high alert…

The new study, published in the British Medical Journal and which involved nearly 9,000 people aged 66 and older found that patients prescribed the drugs for any length of time — even just a few weeks —were 51 per cent more likely to get Alzheimer’s, compared with someone who’d never taken them.

It gets worse…

If you try to come OFF the pills, your insomnia kicks in x10! Why do you think sufferers often continue popping the pills even when they’re no longer working?

Over time, sleeping pills cause you to lose trust in your own ability to sleep naturally. Let me ask you…

Are sleeping pills really worth it?

The sad fact is sleeping pills do NOT give you the restful sleep you need to function during the day. And in the end, the costs far outweigh the benefits.

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